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Concentration Camp Venezuela Population: 32,314,876

Concentration Camp Venezuela Population: 32,314,876

First I want to tell you that 31 years ago I had the privilege of being born in such a rich land; rich in so many way that its abundance transformed absolutely all its citizens until everyone came to overestimate its riches.

Today, Venezuela is going through the biggest humanitarian crisis in its history. Citizens of different economic states that have been forced to emigrate to other countries in search of new opportunities. However, immigration has never been a problem in my native country since most of the visitors previously used to visit and never leave.

According to is history, Venezuela was formed from the beginning by immigrants from different countries. These immigrants who visited our land, saw our natural treasures, felt our human warmth and observed our feminine beauty decided to emigrate to this exotic country.  At that Venezuela was considered the maximum power of Latin America. We had numerous immigrants including Chilean, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and other peoples.

Even though Venezuela still remains a paradise today it is full of dead people. OUr morgues can not cope with the number of corpses. Our morgues have exceeded their capacity. Our children die of hunger, malnutrition, lack of medication, and do without basic elements such as food, medicine, medical care other necessities. Currently, human life in Venezuela does not have any kind of value and the "Silver or Lead" law (Pablo Escobar) is being handled.

April 26, 2018 is the birthday of George Luis El Hada Wehbe. He would have been blowing his 35 candles which unfortunately he will NOT be able to blow. On August 18, 2017 in Maracay, Venezuela, he became another casualty in the holocaust of the 21st century. One morning at a restaurant at dawn he lost his life. Just as he opened his car door another hit him as it was attempting to park near him. After the accident in an attempt to reach an agreement the environment becomes hostile and the aggressor between them taunts George as to whether or not  covering the expenses of the vehicle of the offender; to which he responded “no” since he was the one who was being attacked and did cause the incident. The aggressor returned to his car and pulled out a gun, aimed it at George and asked him again and when once again George did not accept to bear the expenses of the accident, this individual shot him twice; ending his life in just a mere few seconds.

After the shooting the aggressor got in his car, and left! George was left alone on the floor, in front of a restaurant. The female companion  who accompanied him got out of the car only to run away to her house. As the minutes passed after the young woman managed to warn her friends, acquaintances began to arrive. The police arrived after their friends, the case still remains unresolved despite having strong evidence against the aggressor, who is supposedly a soldier / captain of the Bolivarian Government and currently impunity has reached a deplorable level in Venezuela.

Venezuela needs help! We Venezuelans must remember that we are brothers regardless of the color of our shirts. Remember George and many other Venezuelans who have died in vain, without causing any change. I ask all the Unicorn Rulers citizens of the world to please help Venezuela and do not be more obedient to a group of beings that clearly demonstrate that they do not love Venezuela or its citizens. Supposedly we tell the story so that it does not repeat itself, therefore it is not logical that we allow that perhaps more than 6,000 million (the exact figures are not known) of Venezuelans have been dead in the last 5 years. (Nazi concentration camp - Jewish population 6,000 million dead)

World, Why are we waiting to stop this catastrophe?! Say “no” to Mental Obedience!

"Happiness is in Change"

Erika Ortiz